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This section will help you understand how purchasing designs works and what you should know from our terms.


This section will help you understand the process of purchasing from Image Advertising LLC, and what you should know from our terms and conditions.


Your responsibility:

Image Advertising requires a minimum of 50% deposit to begin and remaining balance due on completion unless otherwise stated. Approvals, deposits and purchase orders constitutes acceptance of Image Advertising Terms and Conditions.


Work will commence once your deposit is received.

  1. Over the next several days your job will be put onto the schedule and artwork will begin. Depending on the complexity of your job you should receive a proof within 5-10 business days.
  2. From there we will work with you to obtain an approval on your proof; once an approval is made production begins with an estimated 7-14 business day turnaround unless otherwise stated.
  3. Once your job is completed we will arrange for install, pick-up, drop-off or shipping. NOTE: The above time frames are estimated on a typical job. Turnaround times may vary if otherwise stated.
  4. Understand many factors play into the total turnaround for each individual job, such as weather, order/proof changes, customer cooperation, merchandise availability etc., we do our best to work with the circumstances should they arise to deliver in a timely manner.


  1. Rush must be specified at the time the order is placed and associated charges will show on your sales order/invoice.
  2. If you have requested rush services and/or need to and do not see this notated on your order please contact us immediately.


  1. Any changes to an order after deposit has been received will result in a delay of order, even if a rush fee has been paid for, and may incur additional costs as needed.


  1. We accept all major credit cards. No refunds. All sales are final. Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash. Please review our Terms and Conditions. By proceeding with your order and submitting a deposit you are agreeing to abide by the Terms and Conditions submitted by Image Advertising, LLC.


  1. When you receive your proof, PLEASE check this proof carefully for errors and omissions.
  2. Your approval constitutes acceptance of full responsibility for all errors, omissions and legal and ethical compliance in this document.
  3. Image Advertising will not accept liability for errors overlooked at this stage of proofing.
  4. NOTE: Artwork shown is for approval purposes only! Actual ink/garment colors and art size may vary slightly.

Privacy Policy

Consent to The Collecting and Processing of Personal Data

You can download and read whole Consent to The Collecting and Processing of Personal Data, but to make it easy we chose the most important points for you:

The Controller is the company Image Advertising

My personal data, which I voluntarily provide to the Controller, are the following:

Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Address, Email Address, Telephone No., Identification No., Tax Identification No., Login Name.

Information on use of Cookies

You can download and read whole Information on use of Cookies, but to make it easy we chose the most important points for you:

The Company receives and records information from your browser, which may include personal information. This information may include your (i) IP address; (ii) a unique identifier using “cookies”, cookie information, and information about whether your device has the software needed to access certain features; (iii) unique identifier of the device and device type; (iv) domain, browser type and language; (v) type of operating system and its settings; (vi) country and time zone; (vii) previously visited websites; (viii) information about your steps on our Website, such as clicks, purchases, and indicated preferences; and (ix) access time and reference URLs.

Cookies are small-scale data files that are stored on your computer, phone, or other device when you visit (hereinafter the “Websites” only). Cookies are used to store and receive identifiers and other information on computers, phones, and other devices from which you access the Website helping us to provide, protect and improve our services.

Using cookies allows us to offer you such services and products that best fit your needs and interests. Cookies allow to record information about your visit to our Web site, and thanks to their use your next visit will be easier and faster.

In particular, cookies:

  • are used for efficient navigation on the Website, to personalize, store preferences, and generally improve user impression of the Website;
  • make it possible to distinguish whether a particular user has visited the Website in the past or whether she/he is a new visitor;
  • help to display advertising customized to the specific user interests on the Website.

Rules on Personal Data Protection and Processing

You can download and read whole Rules on Personal Data Protection and Processing, but to make it easy we chose the most important points for you:

The Controller is entitled to transmit the personal data to third parties with whom the Controller has concluded an agreement on personal data processing who will process the personal data for the Controller as the Controller’s Processors. On the basis of the above, the Controller is entitled to transmit the Personal Data of a Data Subject to the following Recipients / Categories of Recipients:

  • Controller’s suppliers,
  • Controller’s employees,
  • Third Parties in other contractual relationships with the Controller (e.g. providers of marketing and advertising services),
  • Financial institutions and insurance companies,
  • Public authorities within the framework of the Controller’s statutory obligations stipulated by relevant legal regulations,
  • Users of the website,
  • Company performing wrapping.

The Controller is entitled to process in particular the following Personal Data of Data Subjects:

  • Address and identification data enabling unambiguous and noninterchangeable identification of the Data Subject (e.g. the name, surname, academic degree, date of birth, birth registration number, if given, permanent address, business address, delivery address, identification number, tax number) and data enabling the contact with the Data Subject (e.g. the contact address, telephone number, fax number, email address and other similar information),
  • Descriptive data (e.g. bank account, payment information or credit card information, order history),
  • Pictures, photographs and videos,
  • Data provided above the framework of applicable laws processed on the basis of the Data Subject’s consent (e.g. the use of personal data in employment issues, the use of personal data for advertising purposes and the like),
  • Other data necessary for performance of contracts,
  • Other personal data provided to the Controller by the Data Subject.